Payment at the

OPT and Mobile Payment

Self-service solutions ready to be implemented at the station, such as unattended OPTs and mobile payment solutions, integrated with the rest of the systems at the station, thus expanding the service.



  • Mobile payment:
    • Option of pay-at-the-pump solution without customers needing to go to the cashier.
    • Connection with forecourt concentrator.
    • Pump opens automatically.
    • Contactless, cardless and cashless payment.
    • Log of sale and electronic receipt.
  • OPT:
    • Management in self-service mode with OPTs (outdoor payment terminals).
    • Simple touchscreen use.
    • Sale of fuel products and other services.
    • Payment in cash or by card.
    • Recognition of customers holding loyalty cards and fleets.
    • Use of coupons and benefits from promotions.

Other solutions