Loyalty programs and promotions

A flexible loyalty system which can adapt to the demands of the market and simply link the benefits of the company's own program with third-party programs, enabling alliances that expand the business model and represent distinct and unique customer service.



  • Management of campaigns, coupons, programs, segmentation and actions.
  • Definition and configuration of cards.
  • Configuration of rules:
    • By customer behaviour and segmentation.
    • Seasonal or by store.
    • Limits.
  • Customer management (general information, classification, channels, contracts, cards, movements, benefits).
  • Categorization and grouping of stores (groups, chain, store).
  • Administration of benefits.
  • Management of catalogue and prizes.
  • Monitoring and analysis.
Attracting and
managing customers
Catalogue, prices and
management of benefits
Definition - campaigns and
Monitoring and

Other solutions